Glocal Cirulation Company

  1. ホーム


President and CEO: Koji Goto
Founded in May 1970
307 employees (as of 2021)
Number of vehicles: 236 (as of 2021)
Number of offices: 11 offices nationwide
Number of clients: more than 200
Sales: JPY5,001 mil (FY09/20)
Address: 1566-1 Shinmyou, Kokubunji-cho
Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa, 769-0104, Japan
TEL 81-87-874-6115 
FAX 81-87-874-6132

Our policy

As a lifeline leader, our top priority is safety. we provide a more efficient, lean,
and environment-friendly logistics system through transportation, storage, jobs, manufacturing, and sales.

We believe that attentive service can make customers laugh from the heart.
We will continue to contribute so that we are able to provide logistics solutions that suit our customers.



Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd.’s transportation
and delivery service will provide solutions
that best meet the needs of our customers.

Whether it is a small amount of goods or chartered transportation, we can handle various packages.
Integrating advanced transportation technology with national network, we provide "safe, secure, and reliable" transportation and delivery services.

What Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. can do
(1) Efficient transportation and delivery proposal
(2) Ensuring transportation quality
(3) Can be used in a wide range of areas nationwide

3rd Party Logistics

Optimizing commercial distribution, logistics,
and information systems, and we provide general
low-cost logistics.

On behalf of our customers' logistics departments, Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. provides specialized logistics services.
By outsourcing the logistics, customers are able to focus on their core business and gain a competitive advantage.

Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. involves a wide range of business such as transportation and delivery business, warehousing business, international business, and sales support business, and it is possible to efficiently deploy 3PL by receiving a collective entrustment.

What Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. can do
(1) Proposal for cost reduction
(2) Logistics and production outsourcing
(3) Implementation of co


The space you need.
Available for the required period.
We propose the optimum location
and storage environment.

We fully support the entire distribution of our customers.
We support a wide range of business outsourcing, from warehousing to distribution processing and delivery.

What Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. can do
(1) Proposal of optimal location and storage environment
(2) Outsourcing of a wide range of operations
(3) Work such as inspection, packing, processing, picking, etc.


Combining Land transportation,
sea transportation and air transportation,
we provide the most suitable logistics solutions.
From cargo collection to packing, dragging,
vanning (de-vanning), customs clearance, etc.,
we provide international integrated
transportation service.

Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. has launched the "Takamatsu International Logistics Center" to support small and medium-sized enterprises in expanding sales markets overseas.
In addition, our Kansai branch in Kobe Port can be used as a base for overseas imports and exports.
The warehouse of the Kansai branch is a four-story steel structure with a high ceiling and a large operating area, so it is possible to secure sufficient space for large quantities of goods.

What Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. can do
(1) Import and export of land, sea and air transportation
(2) All services related to import and export
(3) A small amount of cargo to container cargo can be handled

Sales supporting

Not only do we provide logistics services,
but also pave the way for our customers.
We will do our best to support
your "business growth".
We will change the "future" together
with our customers.

We will support the sales of our customers by utilizing the technology, knowledge and knacks that Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. has gained over many years.
With our extensive network, we can procure products and raw materials from Japan and overseas.
We will build a close relationship with our customers by understanding what they are having trouble with and what they are looking for. We will create new business models and new business value together with our customers.

What Asahi Tsusho Co., Ltd. can do
(1) Procurement of products and raw materials
(2) Promotion of overseas market development
(3) Planning of overseas sales

Flow of transaction

Please click on the "contact us" button below and fill in the content to contact us.
Answer your inquiries via email, telephone or video conference. Visit your company as needed.
After confirming the necessary information, we will submit a quotation, proposal, etc.
Confirmation of quotation and proposal, business negotiation.
Part of the business needs to be tested and operated first, and the final quotation can be determined.
Decide on trading conditions and sign the contract.
Post-sales services, continuous improvement and proposals.

We are making unremitting efforts daily in order to provide values
that exceed the expectations of our customers.